Own a Computer Consulting Business in High-Growth Niche Markets!

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Right now the dental industry is experiencing a massive digital migration. At present, 30% of dentists are using digital x-ray and that number is expected to grow to a full 100% within five years. What this means is that dentally trained computer consultants are in high demand! Liptak Digital provides training on all facets of dental technology including; imaging software, digital x-ray, intra-oral cameras, sensors and more. We are seeking individuals who want to own a computer consulting business in niche markets (dental, veterinary and medical) that are experiencing explosive growth!

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Is Liptak a Good Fit for You?

  • Do you have 5 years management experience?
  • Do you want to own and operate a busines that
    manages computer consultants?
  • No computer/IT background necessary!
  • We will help find, screen & train your staff
  • Strong scalability!

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